Three Facts You Didn’t Know About Vapes

Vapes seem like a modern-era trend that has only just become mainstream. What you may not know, however, is that the idea of vaping isn’t new and that our modern technology has been in the works for nearly 100 years. Here are three cool facts you may not have known about vapes:

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  1. Vaping Goes Back to Ancient Times. Ancient Egyptians would use hot stones and oils to vape herbal remedies. Vapes were also introduced in India thousands of years ago, creating the impetus for the spread of vaping around the world.
  2. The E-Cigarette Was Created in the 1960s. While Joseph Robinson is credited with having the idea for an electronic cigarette as early as the 1920s, Herbert Gilberts it known for manufacturing the first smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette in the 1960s.
  3. Modern E-Cigs Were Created by a Pharmacist. Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik was inspired to create the modern-day e-cigarette after seeing his father die from lung cancer. Introduced originally in Europe, vaping has now become a global phenomenon.

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