Key Benefits of Quitting Smoking Within the First Day

While many of us aspire to quit smoking, it can be a challenge to actually achieve the goal. While your reasons for quitting could vary from having a healthier lifestyle to the money savings it can provide, there are some important benefits of quitting smoking that you’ll experience physically within the first day of your last cigarette.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking in High Point, NC

  • 20 Minutes- Your body begins to adjust back to a normal temperature and enjoy reduced blood pressure 20 minutes after your last cigarette. You may also notice that your pulse decreases back to a normal rate.
  • 8 Hours- Carbon monoxide levels in your body will drop by half, and the nicotine in your body will reduce by more than 90%.
  • 12 Hours- The carbon monoxide levels in your body will have reduced to normal and your blood oxygen levels will increase to normal. That means your body is breathing better overall.
  • 24 Hours- You are at reduced risk of heart attack and stroke as your cholesterol levels begin to return to normal. You’ll also find physical activity easier due to increased oxygen levels in the blood. Among the benefits of quitting smoking, this is perhaps one of the most important.

One of the coolest benefits of quitting smoking is that your body will attempt to heal itself as quickly as possible after the last cigarette. Check out this article for a timeline about how you body heals after quitting.

If you need some help quitting or you are looking for a healthier alternative, come by and see us at The Vape Shop to learn more about how vaping can help you achieve your goals. We see the benefits of quitting smoking with our customers every day!