How to Stop Smoking: Cold Turkey isn't the Answer

It probably seems like going cold turkey might be your only option when you want to quit smoking cigarettes for good. Unfortunately, this option isn’t often successful and for several reasons. The question of how to stop smoking has eluded people for ages, and going cold turkey is something the virtually everyone has tried at least once, probably twice, and often more times than they can count.

How to Stop SmokingSo, if cold turkey is not the best option when you need answers to the question “how to stop smoking?”, what is the right answer? The truth is there probably isn’t a perfect solution for everyone, but one option that has helped countless people achieve their goals is vaping. Here’s a comparison of going cold turkey versus vaping when it comes to quitting cigarettes.

Going Cold Turkey

Your body will be healthier the moment you put your cigarettes down, but you won’t know it for at least a week. Not only will you have to deal with mood swings and hormone-like changes to your body, but you may find yourself seriously grouchy for the first few days.

Additionally, going cold turkey often means a complete change of your routine, but you’ll still be surrounded by all your normal triggers for having a cigarette. Break time at the office, dealing with that one stressful customer, listening to music with friends on the weekend…anything could set you off course.


You still get to reap the health benefits of putting down cigarettes, but you won’t have to starve your body of nicotine right away. You’ll be using vape e-liquid instead, which allows you to eliminate harmful carcinogens and chemicals from cigarettes without dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. That means a more pleasant experience for you, your co-workers, clients, and friends!

When someone asks you how to stop smoking because they see that you’ve done it, you can just say that vaping didn’t cause you to change your routine that much. You can still vape when you need to, but you don’t have to deal with the downsides.

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